Wednesday, February 13, 2008

President Obama

Get used to saying that.

Get used to seeing that picture hanging in federal offices.

McCain will be the Republican nominee and he can not win.

It's really pretty funny. The Republicans have painted themselves into a corner with their own right wing radio rhetoric. They have been reviling McCain for years. Why? Because he is rational, reasonable amd willing to compromise. Republicans HATE those qualities.

Mainstream Republicans seem to think that the Republican Party is like the Catholic Church and the President is the equivilent of The Pope! No dissent or compromise is allowed. Only blind obedience is acceptable. John McCain calls bullshit on that. That's why his own party hates him.

The only person that Republicans hate worse than John McCain is Hillary Clinton.

So they have themselves quite the little conundrum.

They refuse to vote for McCain. They'd sooner die than vote for Hillary, so she won't be getting the independent or swing voters. They can cast a principaled, conservative, protest vote for Huckabee, but that would just divide the Republican ticket and guarantee a Democratic victory.

All across America Republican heads are exploding like zits on a teenager because they don't have anyone to vote for and they cannot stop Barack Obama.

It's hilarious!

Barack Hussein Obama WILL BE the next President of The United States of America.

Repeat that to yourself.

Keep repeating that to yourself until you calm down and get used to it.

It's going to be a glorious and historic eight years!


Poodles said...

AMEN! Oh wait, well you know what I mean.

Joe said...

With every day that passes, Obama's chances of winning the election rise. I hope to hell he wins.

Faith said...

Hell, I'm up for it. I'd like to see if someone...ANYONE...can do what it is that all of you think can be done. This glory and fabulousness should be fun, and even if it fucks up my taxes for the next few years, so be it. I just can't wait to see what y'all are saying after the first couple of years with the new administration in place. Fascinating!

The DLC said...

God that bill and hillary pic is awesome

Anonymous said...

According to the magic board on CNN, neither Hillary nor Obama can get enough delegate votes to automatically win the nomination EVEN if either one of them wins all the delegates in all the rest of the states.

The superdelegates will be the determining factor.

FletcherDodge said...

This Obama guy seems to be gaining some notoriety. Maybe I should look into him to see what he's all about.

Anonymous said...

Correction to my post above: Neither can win unless they win more than 70% (not 100%) of the delegates in each of the remaining states.

kcmeesha said...

I am a pessimist and see Obama as a classic case of overblown expectations. He is a great orator and that's about it. As long as Congress remains semi-locked it really doesn't matter who the president is. XO for president! XO would be the tallest president since Lincoln!

Jay said...

Nice pictures, I wonder where you got that? LOL

Trelvix said...

I don't really care which of the two democrats gets the nod at this point. I'm just thrilled that the notion of a candidate who happens to be a woman or a person of color is a foregone conclusion and not fantasy or whim.

Maybe by the time my daughter is old enough to vote such monumental steps forward will seem like trivialities and our government will finally learn to get down to the business of leading.

Yeah, I doubt it too. But it's as positive a thought as my crusty mind can muster.

Anonymous said...

And now he has the endorsement of Daniel Ortega. Does it get any better than that!

Anonymous said...

above was me. forgot to sign name.

Xavier Onassis said...

travel - Yeah, Ortega was a get. Now if he can just lock in those endorsements from Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin, that will definitely bring those Republican swing voters around!


RDM said...

Obama is a speech stealing commy!

Xavier Onassis said...

RDM - then not only will he be the first black president, but he will also be the first speech stealing commy president. And he will still be orders of magnitude better than the retarded chimp who has held the office for the last 7 years.