Monday, August 31, 2009

So Predictable

During the summer recess, Congressional Democrats returned to their home districts to hold open town hall meetings to solicit feedback from their constituents. These meetings were open to the public.

A very small group of rabid right-wingers organized some mindless zombies programmed with conservative talk radio sound bytes to show up at these town hall meetings with no other purpose than to disrupt the meetings and stifle debate.

Not a single one of these tea-bagging douche-nozzles came to the meetings with an alternate proposal presented in a calm and rational manner.

Every single one of these cocksucking doorknobs stood up, waved signs, yelled down elected members of congress, refused to let anyone else speak. Their ONLY purpose was to create disruption and get on the news to give the impression that a very small band of radical idiots represented an actual grass roots revolution of pissed off Americans.

Today, Republicans John McCain, Kit Bond, and Mitch McConnel came to Kansas City to hold a "health care reform debate" at Children's Mercy Hospital.

This "debate" was close to the public. It was invitation only!

Apparently 3 of the highest ranking Republican members of the United States Senate were too chickenshit to face the public.

They didn't want any outraged liberals showing up and loudly demanding that the United States give all of it's citizens the same access to health care that every other modern, civilized, industrialized nation in the world provides their citizens.

The Senators kept referring to the United States as having the best health care in the world. I guess they didn't want anybody asking why the World Health Organization ranks the U.S. Health care system only the 37th best out of 50.

We rank just below the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, but just above Slovenia and Cube. So we've got THAT working for us! France has the Number 1 rated health care system in the world.

No, the Three Republican Amigos didn't want any harshness or tough questions. Fuck, they didn't even want any raised eyebrows or cocked heads. So they invited a few Stepford Families and TV crews and locked the doors to everyone else.

So predictable.


kcmeesha said...

guess what else is predictable-this post. check out what apparently anti-XO wrote on his anti-blog:Yesterday Congressman Dennis Moore held an invitation-only meeting at Johnson County Community College. Apparently Dennis Moore feels the average citizen has little interest in what the government may do with health care in this country.".it's almost the same but opposite.
the 37th place thing may also not be so accurate:The World Health Organization ranks the U.S. 37th In the world in quality. This is another frightening statistic. It is also not accurate. Yet the head of the National Committee for Quality Assurance, a powerful organization influencing both the government and private insurers in defining quality of care, has stated this as fact.
and I don't even feel like digging up links for people being shouted down with "yeswecans",that would be "so predictable" of me

FletcherDodge said...

At least we're ranked higher than Cube. They're a bunch of squares anyway.

Keith Sader said...

It's amazing, the same people who claim to love America sure do hate Americans

I Travel for JOOLS said...

"Douche-nozzle" "Cocksucking Doorknob" "Mindless Zombie", Radical Idiot". Tea Baggers.

And, that's why there's a far right.

Keith Sader said...

Jools, the tu quoque fallacy doesn't help in this case, need I remind you that many on the 'left' have been tarred as unpatriotic etc?

Again, the people that claim to love America sure do seem to hate Americans.