Monday, January 30, 2006


Is it just me? Or does this guy spend WAY too much time dwelling on young, corn-fed, Kansas girls having sex? He just can't seem to get the thoughts out of his head!

Maybe HE should be strapped with a GPS unit so we can can keep track of HIM.

Frankly, his obsession with teenage sex kinda gives me the creeps.

This guy is just REPRESSED! This is what happens when you join the Republican Party and decide you want to be President while you are still in your teens and stifle your sexual development. All that shit starts "backing up" and causes your brain to start swelling or something.

That's why Clinton was such a clear-headed, good President. He knew that the ONLY reason for accumulating that much power was so he could get a little head.

Presidents NEED good head! You can't be The Leader Of The Free World without having some RELEASE somewhere! And God knows they aren't going to get it from any woman icey-cold enough to put up with their calculating, glad-handing, cheating, back-slapping asses for 20+ years!

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