Thursday, February 02, 2006 - Gunmen�shut EU Gaza office over cartoons - Feb 2, 2006 - Gunmen�shut EU Gaza office over cartoons - Feb 2, 2006

They are threatining to take hostages over a CARTOON.

Do I need to add anything here? Yes. I do.

As part of their "wedding receptions"...they fire AK47's into the air. It's a "tradition".

Kinda like our "party-poppers" that shoot confetti? Except these are deadly machine guns that shoot live ammo.

Any other religions have a "tradition" of bringing armed weapons to weddings? Name one.

I want to practice religious tolerance. I really do. I don't give a rat's ass what people believe if it makes them feel good. Believe in God, Allah, Buddah, Karma, Vishnu, Bushito or the Flying Spaghetti Monster...I DON'T CARE! Whatever peels your potato.

Just don't force it on anyone else and don't take offense if other people think it's stupid.

And don't bring loaded weapons to a wedding!

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Quinntronics said...

I heard on the radio yesterday where a Muslim cleric in France (or Germany, or another one of those bleeding heart liberal countries) called for the "beheading" of anyone who ridiculed Islam or portrayed their religion as one of violence (This can aslo be found in Webster as the definition of irony)

That wasn't his exact quote, but I couldn't quite make that phlegmy sound like he did when he barked.

Oh, damn, wait, now I remember it wasn't in Europe, it was Liberty! Just kiddin' there Mr. Onassis. :-)