Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"If your band was a woman I wouldn't fuck her with Kay Barnes' dick."

I love going out and listening to live music. DJs suck.

Kansas City has so many great venues for live music. One used to be The Grand Emporium (R.I.P.). Knuckleheads is the next best thing, now that TGE has gone all "gay dance" on us (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Mama Ray's Jam Session at Harlings every Saturday afternoon is a blast! You never know who will show up. Sometimes it's like Woodstock! The place just rocks and you feel like you have been a part of history.

Othertimes, not so much. Polite "golf claps" for people who should have stayed home and watched bowling on TV instead of inflicting their best Sinatra rendition on you.

For an alternative response to the obligatory "You guys were GREAT!" (no matter how much they sucked ass), click on the link above for a SCATHING commentary by the best blogger in town.

Tony rocks.


Tony said...

Thanks man, and my God that picture not only speaks a thousand words but also carries a bad tune.

Anonymous said...

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