Saturday, March 18, 2006

Advance Workers for Bush Impersonated Reporters

"They just came up and said they were with the media, and then they said they were with Fox. They just talked to us and asked us about rebuilding our house. Then, after everything was over with, they approached us and they were laughing, and they said: 'You know, we really weren't with Fox. We're government, Secret Service men.' "

So, I guess this means it's OK for members of the Media to impersonate Government Officials if it helps them get a good story?

For instance, I can put on my black suit and RayBans, frisk hot Republican MILFs, perform full body cavity searches (in the name of National Security), and then just chuckle and announce "I'm not really with the Secret Service! I'm a reporter for the Hip Suburban White Guy!"

Sounds like the exact same thing to me! Someone want to explain the difference?


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