Saturday, March 18, 2006

Skanks in Johnson County

Just as certain as Death and Taxes is the inevitability that some bunch of government tightasses who "ain't gettin' any" are worrying themselves silly over the idea that someone, somewhere, is out having fun bumpin' uglies.

Prostitution exists for one simple reason...women who should be putting out are refusing to do so. Prostitution will never be eliminated by arresting the people involved. This is a simple case of supply and demand. If more women were giving it up for free, there would be no need for skanky hookers.

So, I say to all you JoCo women, "Do you want to see prostitution driven out of your community?" If the answer is yes, then you MUST do your part. Become a "low cost provider". Drive out the competition! Go blow a stranger! Do it today! Do it 10 times today!

Only then can you have a nice, healthy, wholesome, hooker-free environment in which to raise your spoiled little curtain climbers.

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Jazo said...

This is a hall of fame worthy post imo.