Saturday, March 18, 2006

"You Can't Even Have Our Ball Sweat!"

Something about this story just bugs me. In a nutshell, the Imperial Irrigation District in Southern California is planning to line the All American Canal with concrete to prevent Mexico from getting the ground seepage of American water that has been irrigating Mexican farms and filling Mexican wells for 60 years.

This is just sooooo incredibly greedy and petty.

The self-sufficient Mexican farms and wells along the canal will dry up, forcing them to come across the border to get jobs in America picking the crops and cleaning the toilets that the diverted water will be used for. Now, we don't want any of them dying in the attempt to get here, so they are going to install ladders at 750 foot intervals along the canal. But if we catch them using the ladders, we're going to arrest them and send them back to Mexico.

Nice to see we have such a clear, consistent and well thought out strategy.

The one ray of hope in the article proving that not ALL Americans are greedy assholes was this:

The City Council of Calexico, Calif., voted in January to oppose the project. The symbolic gesture echoed the opinion of some Imperial Valley farmers.

"I'm a farmer and those guys are farmers," said Tom Brundy, 49, who sends his four children to a private Catholic school in Mexicali. "I'd hate to have it happen to me."