Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why Women Are Insane

I took my daughter, young Galadriel Tanqueray Onassis, shopping for clothes yesterday. She's twelve years old and will be going to Australia for three weeks this summer as a Student Ambassador with People to People, Int. So she needed some stylin' threads.

She's at that age where she no longer shops in the Girls section...she is now in Juniors. But get this...apparently she's a Size 0.

That's right. SIZE ZERO.

What the fuck? Let me repeat that. WHAT THE FUCK??

Men's clothing sizes actually MEAN SOMETHING. They are real measurements of real things. Men can shop for a shirt with a 16" neck and 36" sleeves. Pants with a 34" waist and a 36" inseam. Jackets with a 46" chest. This allows men to pretty much walk in, find their measurements, grab an armful of clothes without even trying them on and get the hell out. Shopping trip for an entire new wardrobe? Twenty minutes, tops.

Women's sizes mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. How can someone be a Size 0?? Wouldn't that mean that you don't actually exist??

No wonder women are nuts.


Echele said...

LMFAO! And those sizes aren't created equal either! There's smaller zero's and larger zero's and a zero zero which is actually a normal zero...but that normal zero is actually the zero you personally think is a normal zero so that varies from woman to woman...and that goes for all sizes.

Yea, no wonder we're fucking nuts.


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