Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spaceship Lands In Kansas City

Well, not yet. But it will on September 1st.

Check out this story in The Pitch, and this story in the KC Star.

The old TWA HQ Building at 18th and Baltimore (long a run-down eyesore) is getting a $25m makeover.

As part of that makeover, they are re-installing a 35' replica of the TWA Moonliner that used to adorn the top of the building.

This very retro rocketship was a smaller version of the 80' original that stood in Disneyland.

I'll let you read the Star and Pitch articles for the details. Eric Barton and Steve Paul go into more detail than I have time for tonight. But Kansas City is about to get a very unique and historic addition to our skyline.

And XO plans to be there when it happens.

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