Sunday, August 20, 2006

XO Brings Peace To Middle East

There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as the United States continues to be involved. No one trusts us. No one likes us. We are not viewed as an Honest Broker. Because we aren’t.

The primary cause of terrorism, world-wide, is the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and the involvement of The United States and its allies in that conflict.

Here is my solution.

The United States pulls all military presence from all Middle Eastern countries. Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, everywhere. We get the hell out and we shut the fuck up.

The United States stops all financial aid and assistance to all Middle Eastern countries. Instead, we take that same financial commitment and funnel it into a blind trust administered by the U.N. The U.S. does not get a vote or a veto on how or where the money is spent.

Israel gives the Golan Heights back to Syria.

Israel gives the Gaza Strip back to Egypt.

Take what’s left of Israel and the West Bank; draw a diagonal line that starts just north of Tel Aviv and runs southeast, right through the heart of Jerusalem and through the Dead Sea.

Everything north of that line is Palestine.

Everything south of that line is Israel.

Jerusalem becomes an International Historical Site administered by the U.N. Not officially a part of any sovereign country. A self-governing city-state that belongs to the world. Everyone is free to come and go as they wish under U.N. protection in perpetuity.

All countries sign a treaty recognizing Israel’s right to exist.

All countries sign a treaty recognizing Palestine’s right to exist.

All cargo shipments into both countries get inspected by the U.N. Any country found supplying arms to either Israel or Palestine loses U.N. membership and is sanctioned and embargoed by every other U.N. member. Any country found violating the sanctions or embargoes just mentioned, also loses U.N. membership and is also sanctioned and embargoed by every other U.N. member. It’s a new and improved Domino Effect.

Israel and Palestine sign a Free Trade Agreement between the two countries and establish open borders.

Israel and Palestine sign a Mutual Defense Treaty. If one is attacked, the other will defend.

They both become dependant on each other’s survival.

It’s the same tactic a parent would use when you have a couple of little kids fighting and older kids egging them on for fun. You send the older kids home and tell them not to come back. You divide the toys up evenly and fairly. You tell the younger kids to “work it out and play nice.”


SmedRock said...

Unfortunately, this has been tried to an extent. In 2000 under the "Roadmap for Peace" Isreal pulled back and evicted it's own citizens from the contested territories. For the last 6 years, boths side did manage to behave somewhat. Despite some minor skirmishes, bothsides played nice. Once the Palestinians had a proper election, the 'bad guys' won the vote, and things sank from that point. The people in charge lost any real control they had, and thus the situation got worse.

You have some good ideas, but anyone who has kids will tell you this, the play nice tactic only works when you keep an eye on them. Once you leave the area, the tactics change, but the fight is still on. In your example, the UN would handle it. But it has been proven, in both the mideast and Europe (Bosnia for example), that the UN can barely handle what they have. And the US handles 80-85% of he load for the UN, so by using the UN, you involve the US. Making Europe stand up and take a greater share would have helped. I have to agree the US is a large part of the problem. But instead of letting the money we send get handled by the UN, we just stop the money flow. We beat the Soviets with money, we can do the same here.

98% of the time I agree with your rants, but occasionally I need to argue them. Keep up the good work!

Back to lurking...

emawkc said...

I agree with smed. You're giving the UN waaayyy too much credit here. The UN can't even come up with a strategy for dealing with Iran, let alone implementing one.

travelingal said...

The guys are right, XO, UN is a worthless organization, worse yet corrupt.

By the way, I've been looking for info from your tag at Gone Mild, and can't find it.

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