Monday, September 18, 2006

This Could Be You

You could be held incommunicado for years. No access to legal counsel. No communication with your family or friends. No formal legal charges filed against you. No access to due process. No protection under The Constitution. Just you in an orange jumpsuit and a blindfold, on your knees in a cage.


Because someone else thinks you need to be there.

No proof required...just suspicion. No constitutional rulings by an impartial judicial system required...just suspicion. No opportunity to post bail or consult with an attorney afforded to you...because you are under suspicion. No right to see the evidence against you...because it might compromise National Security.

If you are very, very lucky, you will be held in these inhumane and unjustifiable conditions by a country like US; who at least tries to portray itself as a leader in Human Rights.

But once we have set the precedent of not honoring our own moral compass, other less scrupulent countries will feel like they have a free license to "go nuts" and do whatever they want with prisoners from the United States.

So when you feel that sense of "rightous satisfaction" seeing alledged terrorists humiliated in orange jumpsuits and blindfolds, on their knees being berated by angry Marines, take just one step back.

Picture your own son or daughter in that same orange jumpsuit and blindfold, somewhere in Iran or North Korea, being yelled at by a hooded Islamic or Communist extremist holding an AK-47 and a "beheading knife", with no ability to communicate with friends or family, no access to any sort of due process, no Constitutional protection, and no formal charges filed after 4 years in captivity. When asked what the charges against your son are, you're told "That's a secret. We can't tell you."

Don't think for one, fucking minute that it couldn't happen to you, or me, or someone you know today or tomorrow. This is the new and dangerous world you right-wing idiots have voted into existence.

I hope you like it. Because it's not going away anytime soon.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I would've emailed this to you but didn't see an email address.

I'm sure you don't ever have to edit or delete people's comments because conservatives don't normally go around harassing liberals on their blogs. I am not afraid of anyone's free speech. That said I do not want my blog to become a forum for negativity and hostility by people who want to constantly harp on their disagreements with me. You are welcome to voice disagreements whenever you like that doesn't mean I always have to put up with them. Call it whatever you like but reserve your whining and temper tantrums for your blog.

Heather said...

I'm going to guess you guys have really high blood pressure.