Saturday, November 04, 2006

XO's Most Boring Post Ever

Remember Nickerson Farms and the bee hives? They were attached to the outside of the walls and when you were inside the restaurant you could watch the bees making honey.

For some reason I've been thinking about all of those road trips from hell when I was a kid. There was usually a family stay involved. Sometimes it was JUST to visit family. Other times it was a seemingly endless 2-week string of family stays. Anything fun or interesting along the way was just "gravy".

Even before Nickerson Farms, there was Stuckeys. In fact, Nickerson Farms was started by a disgruntled Stuckeys owner.

They both had lots of really valuable, collectible stuff to buy like this:

There were six of us. Mom, Dad, me, my little sister and the two little brothers. Packed into a Buick station wagon just like this (except ours was red):

The reason ours was red was because it used to be an ambulance. Had a spotlight sticking out of the drivers side. It also had a split backseat. You could fold the entire backseat down, or, you could leave one seat on the right side upright. That was so an attendant or family member could ride with the ambulance patient who was loaded onto the stretcher to the left.

Being the oldest of 4 children, I got that one, special backseat while the other 3 rolled around in the back of the wagon playing games, fighting boredom and generally pissing me off.

The only time I ever remember us actually springing for a motel room instead of staying with family along the way was the trip we took in a camper. One of my dad's friends from work had a pickup truck with a camper and we borrowed it to take a trip somewhere.

I don't remember the details, but I remember that the six of us trying to sleep in that camper shell was a familial disaster of biblical proportions and we actually wound up staying at a motel.

I really don't have a point. This is just some of the shit I've been thinking about today.

Oh, yeah...almost forgot. Election Day is Tuesday. Republicans sucks ass, Democrats don't suck ass quite as much as Republicans, so vote Democratic, vote early, and vote often!

(that was a sublimimal suggestion that will allow me to control your vote on tuesday. MMMWAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

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