Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Vote for Bad Astronomy

OK, this is really simple. Go here and vote for Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Blog as the Best Science Blog. There are 10 finalists for Science Blogs in the 2006 Weblog Awards. Right now he is in 9th place and needs help. Some squid guy is in first place. Don't ask.

It's two fucking mouse clicks out of your life. Just do it.

Why do I care?

Several reasons.

1. I love astronomy and Phil is kinda like Carl Sagan. Except Carl is dead and Phil is alive. He's just so geekily enthusiatic about nerdily cool space shit. For you local Kansas City area folks, Phil Plait is to astronomy what Gary Lezak is to weather, but without the fucking weather dogs.

OK? 'Nuff said.

2. Phil has ZERO TOLERANCE for mystical nonsense. He loves to debunk bullshit.

3. Like me, Phil seems to be a Hit Whore. But unlike me, he is a $2000 a night picky-assed call girl who gets 12,000 hits every time he publishes a post. While I am more like a local Independence Avenue street-walking skank with a hideously fat cellulite-ass and a tragically short skirt who is absolutely thrilled (and completely mystified and befuddled) that I get between 20-50 hits a day.

4. Phil is so desparate to win this award and disgrace the squid guy that he will publish links to every website that does what I'm doing right now...being his bitch and asking my readers to vote for his website. That means that there is a potential for me to get 12,000 new visitors to my blog (who will immediately conclude that that was 90 seconds out of their lives that they will never get back).

So please; click, vote, and then just move along. There's nothing else to see here except two desparate blogs who are using each other to up their hits.

It's pretty pathetic, really. Like some cyber-circle-jerk.



Tycho Brahe said...

Man, you need to get to Vegas 1/18/06 - The Amazing Meeting 5 (Google that) at the Riviera will have Phil Plait, Penn & Teller, James Randi, Adam Savage from the Mythbusters and a houseful of debunkers, anti-mystics, atheists and scientists and tons of Vegas-style "Bedlam in the Desert" fun. Wish I could go, but I'm stuck in KC that week.

Xavier Onassis said...

Ummm, unless you know something that Stephen Hawking doesn't, I think my chances of making it to Vegas on 1/18/06 are pretty much over.

But I bet it was fun!

tycho brahe said...

Sorry - force of habit - that should read 1/18/07.
And yes, I probably do know a few things that Hawking doesn't.

emawkc said...

I quit participating in popularity contests back in high school when I only got 1 vote for homecoming queen.

ps-blogger beta suckz. seriousely.

Spyder said...

Looks like he is running second. I've voted 3 time for him. Damn! Great dane just slimed my laptop.