Sunday, February 04, 2007

Is there some sort of football competition going on tonight?

I've been following an incredibly fascinating series of Discovery Channel and National Geographic programs looking for historical and archeaological evidence of biblical stories. They have been playing in the background all day long on 5 TVs as I did laundry, vacuumed, did dishes, etc.

I've found this programming to be much more engaging than stupid jocks who I don't know discussing games they aren't playing and predicting what other stupid jocks that I know even less may or may not do.

The Big Game itself I have no interest in. The KC Chiefs aren't playing, so why should I care? Colts, Bears, who gives a fuck? Not me. When you are more interested in the commercials popping up over a 3 hour broadcast then you are in the game itself...why bother?

I need to go. It's 8:30 and I still need to finish cleaning the house, balance my check book, shave my head, iron some slacks and be in bed by 11.


JW said...

Yeah, I thought the history of food is especially engaging. It's interesting, if you consider why we eat what we do in an historical prespective, it's easier to let go of some of the bad habits.
Whatever, I need a twinkie.

travelingal said...

The half time show was great..other than that I didn't know who won till the next morning. ..

Hey, you clean house like me..but I only have 3 tv's lol

Joe said...

After the first quarter, we turned on 8 hours of the second season of the Sopranos. I've never seen this show before and it was much more enjoyable than the dull football game.