Thursday, March 01, 2007

Begging For HTML Help

I have two things I want.

A better banner and a "jpeg button".

I could spend countless hours researching how to do it, downloading tools to do it, and publishing failed attempts in my Blog Lab.

Or, one of you web-savvy vistors could donate 20 minutes of your expertise to help an old DOS fart appear to be as hip and suburban as he claims while you get full credit for (and links to) your work in return for your generosity.

Whaddaya say? Deal? Or No Deal?


Factor 10 said...

I am a complete moron about such stuff, but I hope this link helps with the button issue. I think the key was to host it somewhere like photobucket...

Factor 10 said...

Told you I was a moron!
The part of the link that didn't show up went like this:


SmedRock said...

Are you looking for a custom jpg banner and smaller version of it for a button? If so, no problem, lemme know what you need, and I will see what I can do for ya. Email me if you need to at smedrock at gmail dot com.