Thursday, March 15, 2007

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses 9/11 role

"In a statement from him, read by a U.S. military representative, he said, "I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z."

The transcript continues with the list of operations he was responsible for, including the Richard Reid shoe bomber attempt to blow up an airliner over the Atlantic Ocean, the Bali nightclub bombing in Indonesia, the 1993 World Trade Center attack and other attacks that were foiled.

The latter included surveying the Panama Canal for an attack to destroy it and surveying suspension bridges and high-rises in New York and Chicago, Illinois, to bring them down as well.

The list of some 29 operations he was responsible for is followed by a shorter list of operations he was partially responsible for, including an assassination attempt against then-Pope John Paul II while he was visiting the Philippines."

He also claimed responsibility for the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. Claims he was also responsible for the Watergate break-in and he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

This is all just a little bit too neat, dontcha think? I'm not buying it. Something fishy is going on here.


Heather said...

Did you hear the latest? He is also claiming responsibility for the movie Gigli, and is the real father of Paris Hilton.

Keith Sader said...

And he was never tortured - ever!

travelingal said...

If the bastard was only responsible for one of the atrocities, he should be tortured

crse said...

Yeah thats pretty damn sickening. And scary. I dont want to cause a flame on your blog XO, but personally? I hate pain so much, Id confess to 9/11 too if it stopped someone from beating me and violating me with broom sticks.

Lee said...

I hear the Regis Philbin Christmas album was his idea.

btw - luv the new look

Keith Sader said...

Ok, not to start a flame war on your comments XO, but in response to travelingal:

Justice is a harder moral standard to uphold than revenge. If you're interested in revenge, look to Iraq. If you're interested in justice, stay here.

The urge to revenge is a hard one to hold back, but the will to justice is a higher morality.

crse said...

Well said keith sader. Well said.

Xavier Onassis said...

Keith - "The urge to revenge is a hard one to hold back, but the will to justice is a higher morality."

I couldn't agree more.

However, if what Heather says is true "He is also claiming responsibility for the movie Gigli"...I say waterboard that motherfucker and light up his testicles like 100 watt bulbs.

The intellectual side of me can take a step back and look at political motivations from a neutral point of view.

But Gigli rates right up there with Ishtar and that Lone Ranger abomination with Klinton Spilsbury.

If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had and hand in "Gigli". then he must die.

travelingal said...

Well, damn, sent somewhat intelligent and long response previously and it didn't show up?

Well, I'll make this one short.
Keith, with all due respect to your comments about torture, revenge and justice, and morality, a couple of points:

1. From what I hear, there is no evidence of torture of this guy. If you know of any, please post.
2. I don't believe I said I was interested in revenge.
3. People have differing moral standards when it comes to torture and justice. For example, the position of the left is that partial abortion should be legal (and it is) and consider it a matter of privacy and choice for the mother (justice) while those on the right consider it torture for the baby (and it is), immoral, and should be outlawed.

Yet, many of the same people who condone torture of the unborn baby are outraged when a terrorist murderer is even deprived of sleep or his Koran thrown in the toilet even it means saving the lives of future victims.

I'm not saying you're a proponent of partial birth abortion; I only bring this up as an example of the hypocrisy that exists when it comes to all the angst by the left over "torture".

Which, all boils down to as you said "justice" and "higher morality" and how you and I may view the situation differently.

Rusty said...

His confessing to so much stuff is pretty odd. Reminds me of the Texas killer Henry Lee Lucas who confessed to murders that in no way he could have done.

But, of course, if he even did one of those things he confessed to.......We all know what needs to happen.

Xavier Onassis said...

We still can't find Osama, but hey, LUCKY US! Turns out we already have the guy who planned every terrorist attack EVER in custody!

I feel so much safer knowing that this hideously hairy bastard is locked away.

Travel - That's an interesting comparison you make. Let me make another.

Pro Choice advocates support a woman's right to control her own bodily functions. No woman should be forced to give birth to a baby that she cannot support, does not want and will not love.

Unwanted, unloved children growing up in abject poverty, who are ignored or abused by their mother with no father in the picture are on a fast track towards a life of crime.

When that "sacred life" starts taking other people's stuff and showing the same disregard for life that it was shown growing up, THEN the right wing conservatives are all too happy to support capital punishment and even volunteer to pull the switch themselves.

So much for the "sanctity of life".

Don't let the mother use good judgement and common sense by aborting a pregnancy she knows is wrong.


Force her to have that unwanted baby, let it grow up and start commiting crimes, THEN we'll kill it.

travelingal said...

XO - My purpose was comparing torture of a terrorist to torture of a baby via the partial birth abortion procedure. Simply put, how can a person think that torturing a terrorist is so terrible, as in waterboarding or whatever they do, and accept torturing an unborn baby to death, who can feel the extreme pain of that procedure, because the mother doesn't want it? There are alternatives in both cases and I could understand an argument that it is not acceptable in either case.

You made a point concerning the right wing supporting the death penalty. Well, that's a valid point, but I could counter that the left also supports the death penalty of unborn children. The difference is one who is doomed to die is guilty of a heinous crime and the other is guilty of nothing.

Hey, I don't agree with pulling the fingernails out of someone either, even a terrorist, but I seriously doubt Khalid is missing any. I simply cannot understand the outrage over this Khalid guy.

Xavier Onassis said...

travel - I guess my plea is for moral consistency.

If you (generic, right wing, conservative "you", not "you" personally) are against abortion because life is a sacred gift from God, then you should equally oppose the death penalty for the same reasons.

I would expect to see crowds of vehement, virulent, rabid, right wing radicals protesting every execution because only God can give life or take life.

As for this hairy Khalid fuck, I don't see anyone expressing any outrage. He's certainly guilty of at least one of the charges.

But for him to conveniently confess, just before the upcoming presidential election, to every fucking terrorist act EVER, strains my credulity.

And my credulity is already a bit ragged and raw after the past six years.

But we cannot win the war against terrorists by stooping to their level.

Turn off "24". That's fiction. The truth of the matter is if we throw away our way of life, our standards of justice and our due process for some short term vengence, then they win. We have become like them.

The only way for us to win this war is to continue to live up to our values. We MUST NOT allow ourselves to be dragged down to their level.

We win by being Americans.

travelingal said...

XO..I'll agree with you on the right wing support of the death penalty. It is hard to justify. I admire the Amish people who embraced the family of the man who murdered all those little children.

I'll also agree with you on the Iraq war. I wish we were out for many reasons and I think Bush has made way too many mistakes in handling it. In fact, I wouldn't vote for him again in retrospect but I wouldn't have voted for Kerry either and I don't like any of the current candidates for President, Republican and Democrat.

However, (course with me there's always a I do believe you cannot underestimate terrorism and I do believe they use our justice system against us. This conflict is like none other and has to be fought like none other. I'd love to live in a totally peaceful world.

Xavier Onassis said...

travel - You are right. This is a conflict like no other. In every other conflict, we went to war against a sovereign nation. In this conflict, we chose to declare war against a combat tactic.

That's why it is unwinable.

There will never come a day when we can parade the last killed or captured hostile terrorist through the streets and declare that the war is finally over. It will never end.

In fact, by declaring war against terrorism and invading Iraq and Afghanistan, we have multiplied the number of well trained, well armed, hostile terrorists by several orders of magnitude. We have fueled their hate and given them even more reasons and opportunities to come after us.

In fact, I suspect that our invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq is exactly what the terrorists wanted to happen all along.

Our military is bogged down, stretched thin, worn out and just plain bone tired fighting a war we will never win.

The rest of the world is free to do as they please because we sure as hell can't stop them.

We are paralyzed. Coutries like Iran and Venezuela can walk right up and poke us in the eye and we can't even swat their hand away.