Thursday, April 26, 2007

Comic Book Super Heroes

OK, DC and Marvel are finally raking in the big bucks by whoring out their biggest titles into money making franchise machines!

Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Fantastic 4, Hulk.

Isn't it time some of the 2nd tier comics jumped into the fray?

Anyone remember Gold Key comics? They had some classic titles that could be turned into Big Screen Bucks!

I will write a bad check worth $12,000.00 to anyone who can honestly tell me they remember these comics.


Chris said...

Local comic book writer Matt Fraction writes about comic book obscura; On the death of artist Arnold Drake, he posted a truly excellent 4-part series called "Everything I needed to Learn About Comics I Learned from Arnold Drake," of which this is the first part.

Nuke said...

I remember seeing or hearing the titles "Magnus" and "Solar" but never read them or talked to anybody who did.

But I picked one up called "Badger" once and it was fun (Think Bruce Lee in spandex... with multiple personalities).


Nightmare said...

I don't know those three in particular, but I do know Gold Key Comics.

Mike said...

I've read a few of the Turoks, they're in my Dad's collection. So I wouldn't describe it as remembering in the sense that you are after.

Spyder said...

I swear to God I'm married to a teenager. The hubby still picks up Conan comics somewhat regularly & Red Sonja on occasion.

Ba‘al ZebĂ»b said...

That was the lamest, most limp-dicked excuse for a post I've read in millenia.

You suck ass.

Did this post even have a point?

You uncreative, no-talent waste of valuable blogspace.

Go write in a paper journal somewhere so I don't have to read your drivel.

Red7Eric said...

Nope. They didn't sell "Gold Key Comics" at the "Stars & Stripes Bookstores" of my youth.

Spyder said...

Actually I'm alive because of comics.

Xavier Onassis said...


There's obviously a story there.


Spyder said...

You betcha! Actually I posted it on my site. Since it was personal history I thought it should be there. So come on over to my web said the spyder to the fly.