Saturday, April 14, 2007

Updated Blog Roll

UPDATED: Forgot to include Planet Rusty and My Spyderweb to the list. Adding them now!

This is long overdue. There are blogs that I read regularly that were not reflected on my blog list.

First and foremost is Tony's Kansas City.

Somewhere, during my obsession with my look and layout, Tony got omitted from my list. I have no fucking idea how that happened. It certainly wasn't intentional. Tony was my inspiration to start blogging in the first place. He encouraged me and linked to me at a time when most of the hits on my site were just me checking to see if I had any hits. Sort of "blogospheric masturbation" I guess. Anyway, Tony is the hands down most prolific blogger in KC, a genuine contrarian, a community activist, an advocate for advocateless and one hell of a good writer. I still don't know how he fell off the list, but he is back on now with my deepest apologies.

Next up is Joshua Xalpharis. I don't know if that's his real name or not, but I like it. Sounds like the name of a Galactic Emperor. And at the young age of 21, who knows? He could probably make that happen. I love the way he writes:

"I came downstairs on Easter Sunday ‘93, and I found something that I truly did not expect. There was not a basket of candy with my name on it, but there was my grandfather. With a cup of tea in his hand, he seemed like a child on the beach with a towel and a sand castle. The blissful smile that covered his face seemed odd at the time, but now I can understand. You see, he had a shotgun across his lap. Now you can probably see where this is heading.

The old bastard actually swore that he had shot the Easter Bunny and I wouldn’t be getting candy that year. To make matters worse, he actually splashed fake blood over his clothing. I suppose there is no real question as to why I am such a sadistic bastard. He was my hero."

A very promising blogger with an incredibly clean and lean layout. Check him out.

I've also added crse over at zamphir panflutemaster. She's a proud, self-proclaimed dork "with spider monkey tendencies, severe ADD and a lovely range of anxiety disorders". According to her husband Gill, "Living with Crse is like living with an exotic pet. Oh sure she is cute and entertaining but leave her alone too long and she starts flinging poop at the walls." She has a zany cast of characters whose exploits she brings to life with great style and wit. Not the least of which is...

NORM! No, not the boozy lardass from Cheers. Norm is her precocious, 5 year old son. His normism's ("daddy we have to have a discussion about you being a dick to mommy") are so popular that he now has his own Oracle Blog. Life getting you down? Is your boss an asshole? Owe money to the IRS? Ask Norm and he will set you on the path to happiness. From the mouths of babes. This is wisdom you won't find anywhere else. Ask your questions now, before he grows up!

For those of you interested in the the path less taken and alternative lifestyles, go check out Satyavati at The Road To Braj. She is a Krishna devotee and a "nurse [that] specializes in organic micro-farming, sustainables, bass guitar and socialist propaganda" She will also dig you a ditch, for a price.

I somehow misfiled Joe's Big Blog. I originally found him after he commented on one of my posts and I immediately bookmarked him, but I bookmarked him in the wrong place and only recently found him again. It was like going through pockets in your closet and finding a $20.00 bill you didn't know you had. He and I have a lot in common. I love this statement:

A late discovery is Secrets of the Red Seven by Red7Eric.
"an artistic, witty, passionate, compassionate single gay guy living in Washington DC"

He is an incredibly good writer with a different perspective (from mine, anyway) and worthy of your time. He also has a Book Club in which I am considering participating.

And last, but certainly not least, is smedrock over at SmedFX Digital Design Information. Smedly is the incredibly generous and patient web genius responsible for my current way-cool blog layout. Thanks, man!

I encourage all of my readers to visit these bloggers who truly are far better than me.


crse said... rock! and i NEED to update mine to reflect you as well!

Joshua Xalpharis said...

Now this is one hell of a layout.

How did you guess that my dream is to the emperor of the galaxy? Must be obvious. said...

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