Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bush uses bin Laden to defend Iraq war policy

Gotta call bullshit on the POTUS! And, I apologize in advance for e-yelling, but here goes.

"Osama bin Laden calls the struggle in Iraq a 'war of destiny.' He proclaimed 'the war is for you or for us to win. If we win it, it means your defeat and disgrace forever,'" Bush said. Al-Qaida sees victory in Iraq as a religious and strategic imperative, Bush said. Their stated goal is to "turn Iraq into a base from which to overthrow moderate governments in the region, impose their hateful ideology on millions, and launch new attacks on America and other nations.

Ahead of the speech, the White House declassified intelligence asserting that bin Laden in 2005 ordered the creation of a terrorist unit to hit targets outside Iraq, including the United States.

Part of the declassified intelligence included information that bin Laden tasked Abu Musab al-Zarqawi with forming a cell to conduct such attacks outside Iraq, especially aimed at the United States, Bush said.

"Zarqawi welcomed this direction and claimed that he had already come up with some good proposals," Bush said."

Let me make this CRYSTAL, FUCKING, CLEAR. If this "intelligence" is even correct (which I SERIOUSLY doubt, considering the source), the directive from bin Laden came in 2005! That was long after we had invaded Iraq, fucked everything up beyond all recognition and created total chaos in the country. Osama would NEVER have concieved of any such thing as long as Saddam was in power. Because Saddam would have cut off his balls and had him ass-raped by a camel.

The only reason that Iraq could possibly become a haven for terrorist cells is because we went in there, tore everything up, and created a huge, sucking, power vacuum that every radical ideaology in the region is trying to rush in and fill before someone else beats them to it!


The 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia and they trained in Afghanistan. No connection to Iraq whatsoever. Saddam Hussein didn't tolerate dissidents of ANY kind in Iraq. He was a secularist Muslim. No fucking way in Hell he would tolerate or provide any support to a radical, fundamentalist, jihadi, terrorist like Osama! Never ever!

So trying to justify the war in Iraq by trotting out the very opportunity for terrorist activity in Iraq that Dubya created in the first place due to his personal vendetta, a hidden agenda, a faith-based foreign policy, trumped up and doctored "intelligence", and flat-out, blatant LIES to the American people is an insult to the 3,000+ brave men and women that this fucking retarded chimpanzee shoved into a meat grinder when he was too fucking cowardly to go to Vietnam when he had the chance.

He makes me want to puke.

The conservatives LOVE to trot out Hanoi Jane or John Kerry's testimony about atrocities in Vietnam as criticism of The Evil Liberals.

But at least they were trying to end a war and save American lives. Dubya and his administration are trying to create a PermaWar that will kill more of our sons and daughters than all of the previous wars combined. They don't care. "Whatever it takes".

And it is all based on lies.


satyavati said...

Have you noticed lately the number of Army commercials aimed not at enticing kids to join, but aimed at getting their parents to agree? They sound like drug awareness commercials or something: "Parents, if your son or daughter wants to talk about joining the Army.... listen."

This to me is really taking the cake; it's proof that parents are waking up and saying NFW are you going in the service to fight an unwinnable war based on lies.

I think more people are awake about it than most people think. It's just that the right doesn't want to admit it.

And you know that they're going to be 'declassifying' information and 'subverting terror plots' at least weekly from now on, right? There's an election to win.

Nightmare said...

"...ass-raped by a camel." I'm not sure you understand the engineering it would take to make this happen. I'm not saying ol' Saddam wouldn't have had the man power to come up with the engineering but if you think about it, you'd need some sort of stocks assembly, to contain Osama, otherwise there could be collateral damage to innocent handlers, there would also need to be a female camel in heat near the stocks to arouse the male camel, and these stocks would need to be some what hydraulic, to raise and lower Osama's ass to the proper height for penetration.

There is a lot of thought that needs to go into a proper camel rape. I'm thinking that instead of a camel rape, possibly we could just stuff a puff adder up is ass. there is a lot less engineering that has to happen to get a snake to crawl into a dark hole.

that's all I'm saying.

Oh and GW is a complete cock sucking doorknob to the Nth degree.

Red7Eric said...


(That is all.)

tec said...

I love it when somebody else expresses my opinion better than I know how to myself. You're one of the good guys, X.

frog pajamas said...

you are my hero.

Xavier Onassis said...

satyavati - Yes, I have noticed. Like this headline on Drudge "**WARNING: GRAPHIC**: Pentagon releases al-Qaeda torture manual drawings, victim photos ..." the link (which I will not provide) takes you to The Smoking Gun website and it is indeed very graphic. Now why in the fuck would the Pentagon release something like that to The Smoking Gun right after Dubya tries to use bin Laden to defend our invasion of Iraq just as we are heading into election season.

Wow. I'm stumped. What a conundrum. That just makes no sense at all, does it? It's a mystery! One that I'm too stupid to figure out!

nightmare - LOL! Ya know, given the nature of the work you do, I can understand how you would immediately zero in on the engineering logistics of putting a contraption like that together. You've probably also factored in the set-up and break-down considerations and what would be required to transport the components to the next ass-raped-by-a-camel venue. You're good. You're very good!

eric - minimalist

tec - thanks for stopping by! don't be a stranger! I'm adding your blog to my list of favorites.

frog - and you are the wind beneath my wings.

SmedRock said...

Well after spending 10 years in service, if you think that I was enticed by a commercial, satyvati, then you have woefully under estimated every person that has ever been in uniform. I went in for the college money because I did not want to put that burden on my parents. The recruits begin at 18 years of age, they are adults, at which point I don't think mom or dad has a real say in what they do.

On the other hand yeah Iraq II is a farce, (Did Somalia and Haiti myself). Unfortunately King George was elected and turned this into a war of religious proportions.

I cannot wait for him to be gone.

Sorry if I offend, it just irks me to no end when someone comes on and makes a statement that tends to make anyone in service to appear as if we were tricked or enticed into service. yes we have crooked ass recruiters, but, if you graduated high school, you are expected to know how to read. Read the contract.

back to lurking....

Xavier Onassis said...

smedrock - What she said was "Have you noticed lately the number of Army commercials aimed not at enticing kids to join, but aimed at getting their parents to agree?"

I don't think she was implying that those who are willing to serve are gullible, or have been manipulated by marketing.

I interpreted her comments to refer to those commercials (which I have seen) targeted towards the parents...basically urging parents not to discourage their sons and daughters from joining.

satyavati said...

I was referring to the fact that I think a lot of parents try to discourage kids from entering the service, but on the other hand I do think that the armed services have the most enormous false-advertising campaign in history.

They will tell you absolutely anything you want to hear to get you in. They did it to my uncles during WW2 and Korea; they did it to my father; and they're still doing it today. Never forget that once you sign the papers your body belongs to the US Government.

And anyone who's ever seen a 'few, proud, Marines' commercial full of dress uniforms, swords, and guys climing rocks in a picturesque metaphor for life, if they're not dazzled by all the glamour and glory, can see that the idea of the romantic war hero is alive, well, and propagated by the armed forces.

I'm not saying people are stupid or gullible. I am saying that a seventeen year old kid is impulsive, gullible, and impressionable. And the military, the Marines in particular, know what they're doing. The moon is promised, the signature is given, and then they take these kids and turn them into fanatical war machines. I wrote a post once comparing them to Nazis that's probably worth reposting, but it'll have to wait until tonight.

SmedRock said...

May not be the right weekend for posting that. :)

Apologies if I misunderstood. But not one person who signs up, for any branch is under the illusion that they might actually have to fight. Fanatical? Doubt it. But the chance, unfortunately that a war would break out is always present. Rare is a career soldier that never had to fight. But why have an armed service if the chance is zero.

As I intended to say was yes, the parents may not agree, but most parents that have kids that are eligible for service are of a generation that came up during Vietnam. That is a tough mindset to get around. But once again, they are adults (17 years olds need permission to sign on for delayed entry).

But she right, recruiters from ANY line of work have but one goal. To sign you on. But alas, 18 year olds today have way batter access to information than your fathers and uncles ever did. They can actually research what the job they want actually entails and ask others that have served. So it is a rare instance that the individual giving the signature is totally in the dark about the prospects of signing on. Nothing a private or new recruit does is classified. Hell, just turn on Discovery and watch the shows about new recruits. Pretty much dead on when it comes to how the life is.

Comparing the training to Nazi conditioning, well, that type of propaganda can be applied to other lines of work as well.

crse said...

Maybe its just my own peer group but I know at least a dozen folks in one context or another who went into the service and never had to fight. Different branches, different places etc. Even ones THAT ive talked to who went over for the first Iraq said it was pretty much like the movie Jarhead. A lot of waiting and nothing. But I digress...I respect both points of view here (and although Im anti war and make most left wingers look conservative, Rosie O Donnell's comments last week PISSED ME OFF) Again I digress...

not only did i love that post but its stuff like learning the physics of camel-fucking that make me grateful for the information age. Another thing to save for future reference!