Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Retro Local TV

Tony at TKC inspired this dive into deep nostalgia with this post.

I also remember such local luminaries as Gregory Graves,

Uncle Ed Muscare (I can't find any pictures or links to that creepy he still in jail or is he out now?).

Crematia Mortem!

OMG! Hot, Hot, Hot!

She is still around and doing voice over work.

I remember Torey Southwick and Ol' Gus.

Didn't seem creepy then, but now, JEEZ! I don't know.

But my favorite local TV show was in Wichita, before we moved here, 1962ish. Major Astro! On KARD-TV!

His show always started out with them running stock movie footage of an Atlas booster launch BACKWARDS, so it looked like the rocket was landing on the pad.

Then Major Astro would walk on set, remove his helmet, and show cartoons for 30 minutes.

Then he would put on his helmet, walk off stage, they'd run the rocket launch footage forward and the show was over!

I'm like 7 years old. My dad is working for Boeing doing sheet-metal work on B-52s, we are living in Mulvane, Ks and I'm watching this local TV show every day. It's 1962. The Mercury 7 Astronauts are the Knights In Shining Armor of the Kennedy Camelot, riding fiery rockets to joust against the godless, baby-eatin', Communist Cosmonauts.

Between the B-52 Overhaul Base and the F-107 Squadron at McConnell AFB, it's like an air show everyday! Bombers and fighters flying at tree-top level, sonic booms. You could wave at the airplanes and the pilots would tip their wings at you to say hello.

So McConnell AFB is going to have an Open House and Major Astro will be there to sign autographs. OMG!

We are walking through this huge hanger, getting my first close-up look at these incredible airplanes. I'm in 7 year old heaven!

I look down this obscure administrative hallway. Here comes Major Astro in his needlessly silverized, Mercury 7 Space Suit, space helmet tucket in the crook of his right arm, flanked by high-ranking United States Air Force officers, doing The Hero Walk.

It was one of the most awe inspiring moments of my life.

What can I say? I'm a techno-geek.


Red7Eric said...

I sorta felt the same way the time I had dinner with Cyndi Lauper. But I'm not a techno-geek; I'm just really, really gay.

Xavier Onassis said...

Eric - ROFLMAO!! You crack me up. I'm not gay and I'm not close to any of Cyndi's tour stops, but I REALLY want one of her promo's on my blog!

That's so fucking cool!

Make that happen, dude!

Nightmare said...

I only remember Uncle Ed...that freak! My first all nighter was done to his twilight zone/scary movies all night show. I remember all of it too!
The twilight zone was the one with Burgess Merideth and the Nitrogen bomb...last man on earth...and the movie was Peter Cushing's "The Creeping Flesh" Creepy shit I tell ya!

crse said...

Wow, I have no brushes with fame except when i was fifteen I had an uncomfortable meeting with Jim trafficant where he proved what an asshole he is. Stupid school paper.