Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fair and Balanced Blogging

I don't ever want to be accused of not giving equal time to opposing points of view.

So in their debut appearance on The Hip Suburban White Guy, are a couple of Conservative Pundits who I hope will become a weekly feature.

I give you The Red State Update with Jackie Broyles and Dunlap.

I am nothing, if not even-handed and objective.


Red7Eric said...

Funny ... unfortunately, you can't really parody this crowd because there are some people out there who think EXACTLY this way and wouldn't get the joke.

And if the stupid kids don't know they're being made fun of, then what's the point?

Keith Sader said...

rotfl: "Well if your house is underwater a fish ought to be pretty easy to come by."

And I must agree with red7eric - the people this mocks wouldn't get the joke.

emawkc said...

What joke?