Saturday, June 09, 2007

Flying Solo

The girlfriend is helping her oldest son get squared away in his new apartment. My daughter is at her friend's house. So I'm on my own for the day.

A friend of mine is having a going away party for her son later this evening. He just graduated H.S., just turned 19, and he's joining the Marines. I need to get out and run a couple of errands. Need to get a gift and a card for tonight. I'm almost out of Paul Sebastian, so I need to swing by Gordman's.

But that still leaves a lot of time to kill so I think I will grab my cameras, load my vest pockets up with lenses, filters and other photo-paraphenalia and have myself a photo safari!

Swing by the new Bloch building at the Nelson-Adkins. Go down to Brush Creek and watch the Dragon Boat races (no, it's nothing like subarine races), and then maybe drop by the Gladstone Blues Festival.

Busy day, gotta run. Later!


Mark said...

Hey I was in the dragon boat races today. I was on the Plaza Rotary Club team. Second guy from the front. Get any good pictures?

Spyder said...

What's Paul Sebastian?

Raytown is having their Summerfest. Spent Friday & most of Saturday there. Will be there mid afternoon on Sunday.

Xavier Onassis said...

Spyder - Paul Sebastion is the cologne I wear.

Mark - see my Photo Safari post. I don't think I got a single good photo all day. That happens sometimes.

crse said...

Lucky bastard. My day was spent having my soul sucked out by a two year old need freak with a personality disorder.

Spyder said...

XO-Tried to get the hubby to wear cologne. I've learned to be happy with him showered & some deodorant. At least he smells clean.

Xavier Onassis said...

spyder - I won't even walk out to check the mail box without smelling good. Even if it's just Old Spice.

Spyder said...

Love Old Spice! My grand father wore it.