Saturday, July 07, 2007

The 700 Club's Bloodless Coup of The Justice Department

Here is a link that I blatantly poached from a comment by Stephen Bough on a post over at Dan's Gone Mild.

It was a clip from Jon Stewart's Comedy Central show that led me to google this series of investigative reports by Bill Moyers where he investigates Regent University (founded by evangelical lunatic Pat Robertson) and the disproportionate number of graduates from his pseudo university who are currently wandering the halls of George Dubya Bush's Justice Department.

This administration has done more damage to The United States than any enemy we have faced in the last 387 years.

Enough is enough. We can't afford another 560 days. Impeach this fucker, let the International Court of Justice hold sway on his inavasion of Iraq and let justice be done.


Faith said...

If he was impeached, who would be running the country instead? It's been a while since I studied this kind of thing, so I really am not sure. If he gets impeached, does Cheney go, too? In that case, who steps up and runs things for the last year? If not, have we just put ourselves into an even more treacherous position by putting Cheney at the helm for the last bit of the term?

Janet said...

Impeach Cheney, THEN impeach Bush, then Ms. Nancy Pelosi is the new President.

(president, vice president, speaker of the house.)

Xavier Onassis said...

*blink blink*

Okay, I was speaking rhetorically in the heat of the moment.

Clearly I haven't thought this whole impeachment thing through.

Maybe another 18 months isn't so long after all.

Having Cheney as VP is even worse that Dan Quayle. When Bush Sr. was POTUS they were switching from the old 727 Airforce Ones that had been in service since the JFK years to the new 747 Airforce Ones. There was some criticism at the time about the size and expense of the new jets. My feeling at the time was, "as long as Dan Quayle is VP I want Bush flying in the newest, biggest, safest aircraft that Boing can build, whatever the cost!"

Janet said...

You know, at this point, I don't really care if Bush is impeached or not.

I do, however, want Cheney impeached and kicked in the nuts all the way to prison.

Faith said...

That's what I thought, janet. I was wondering how XO was skipping over the thought of Cheney being president and on to the thought of Pelosi getting her foot in that do.

I actually had to do a speech once on Dan Quayle my sophomore year in college...I was not happy with the assignment, but after doing a little research (admittedly, it was very little...the speech only needed to be 5 - 10 minutes, I think), I found out he wasn't such a bad guy as I originally had thought. But the research materials available to me at the time consisted of books and articles found in the library at Pepperdine University. (We didn't have the internet available to us back then...not until my junior year, as I recall, anyway.) So maybe that had something to do with what I found. I keep hearing people saying horrible things about him, and I don't get it.

Faith said...

"...Pelosi getting her foot in that do." That sounded better in my head. I was getting all colloquial and shit. But I should have spelled out "do" differently. It's like "foot in the door" if that helps. "Dough"? "Doe"?

I hate it when I do that.