Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogger Meet Up Report

We had a very nice, intimate little blog-meet. Not "lube & condom" intimate. Just small and quiet. It was just me, nightmare, spyder, heather and frog pajamas. It was nice because we could all sit around the same table (outside) and it was quiet enough to actually carry on a conversation and get to know each other better.

Kudos to Nightmare for organizing things.

There was much talk of bodily piercings, tatoos, misspent youths, politics, other bloggers (ya shoulda been there to defend yourselves, bitches!), immigration, vacation locations, motorcycles, Class 11 VW Beetles, bodily functions, the price of Naughty Martinis and various DIY projects involving common household items.

Our waitress was very nice if you like that whole early-twenties, skinny little blond with prominantly displayed fake boobs and torn-up Daisy-Duke shorts sort of look.

I also found out that one of the people at the table has a WAY COOL nickname. But I can't divulge it because that would be tantamount to outing a CIA agent and you know they send people to FEDERAL POUND-ME-IN-THE-ASS PRISONS for things like divulging the identities of CIA agents or Lying Under Oath. We take that shit seriously in this country because we honor The Rule Of Law above all else! Unless you're THE FUCKING PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, OR A FRIEND OF THEIRS. Then you can do whatever THE FUCK you want because The Rule Of Law doesn't apply to you.

So that's why I can't tell you the bloggers WAY COOL nickname.

There is serious talk of turning this into a regular monthly event. But there was a vigorous debate about whether or not we (who actually bothered to show up) should make any effort to accomodate The Whiny Bitches ("Oh, it's 17 miles away! Oh, it's not in Johnson County! Oh, it's at The North Pole! Oh, I'd love to, but I'm burying my Mother, my Father and all of my brothers and sisters that day because a tornado struck our family reunion and I'm the only survivor! Wah, wah, wah!").

I expect that we will probably try to rotate locations to accomodate everyone. What we need are locations that A) Have decks or patios so that smokers and non-smokers can peacefully coexist. B) Are quiet enough to allow actual conversation and human interaction. C) Have cheap drinks, cheap appetizers and good service. D) Has the name "Hooters" somewhere in the name of the establishment.

OK. D was just me.

Any location suggestions?

I was kind of thinking points-of-the-compass around the 435 loop with regularly interspersed central KC locations.

Very loose, informal, whatever kind of structure.


Eolaí gan Fhéile said...

No complaints. I fecked up.

Your ideas sound good.

Greg Beck said...

I feel bad that I didn't make it.

emawkc said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice evening. I definitely want to make it a habbit to attend these little get-togethers. I like the idea of keeping it central, downtown and all.

I really do want to make good on the burbon I owe you, XO.

frog pajamas said...

yes it was great to finally talk to you. i had a great time and a pox on all those that didn't show up.

crse said...

stupid kansas city elitism! Seriously, if i ever go to kansas city, you folks need to arrange on for me!

Nightmare said...

I too had a hoot and a holler...very seldom do I have both in one sitting. Most of the time I have a hoot, but very few times do I have a holler, and only on the rarest of occasions do I have a hoot and a holler.

Nice to see everyone who bothered to show, but I know most people have lives and work and are generally lazy, so I'm not put off by it. And like you said it was the perfect setting.made for great conversations.

satyavati said...

Despite the fact that I really AM a lazy lop of shit, that's not the reason I wasn't there.

I'm suggesting Durham, NC for your next shindig. Cause I wanna be there.

Faith said...

Hmm...a location with a deck/patio with a decent noise level and has good, somewhat reasonable drinks?


Ok, how about entering Fred P. Ott's into the mix? There are a couple of them throughout the metro, they have patios (although the one at 435 and Metcalf - off of College - has a considerably larger patio than the one on the Plaza, duh), and I don't recall their drinks being insanely expensive at all.

That's my suggestion for a midtown/south-435-loop location. I can't think of anything else that isn't really out of the way, even for a lazy-ass JoCo beyotch like myself. Oh, I do like the back patio at Harpo's, but their drinks might not be considered reasonable. (I think the noise-level there is cool, especially during the week before 9.)

Spyder said...

Had a great time! Hubby really wants to go to the next one. I'm sure he hasn't read the comment from Nightmare left me on my blog.

GOVERNOR STUMPY'S GRILL on Gregory Blvd might be a good place also.

JustCara said...

Wish I could've been there - fuckin' bible study. ;)

Monthly would be tres cool. Maybe someplace on the Boulevard? Though I can't think of a place with a good patio at the moment.

Xavier Onassis said...

"fuckin' bible study"

Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My Fucking Ass Off.

I love it so much I spelled it out.

Rates right up there with "my anger management class really PISSES me off!!"

Melinda said...

I'm just scared of walking into a bar and not knowing which table I'm supposed to walk up to - since most of us don't have pictures on our blogs, I have a hard time going in - I can't find the monkey (emawkc) and who knows who'll show up? I'm a complete chicken, and I'm ok with that most of the time. O'Dowd's and Granfalloon and Tomfooleries have decks, but I know they're usually really busy and suck ass when it comes to acoustics.

Xavier Onassis said...

melinda - we're all bloggers (a.k.a. attention whores). Just look for a table full of nerdy computer geeks who don't belong there. That'll be us.

Melinda said...

LOL, ok XO, you're on - if you have a happy hour somewhere in town before the end of August, I could show up - after that, you'll have to come to Bosnia to see my ass.

Waldo Oiseau said...

Since I just run a fluff-blog (um, as in no-politics), I should defintely be invited to the next gathering so that you all can properly fill me in on the state o' the nation and other important matters! Keep me posted.