Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Theme Songs

Hey, does anybody know how to put a music clip or any other mp3 on here so that when ever somebody comes to your site it's like a little theme song?

I've seen/heard it on other blogs and mostly I found it annoying as hell.

But I can forsee limited circumstances where something like that might be useful and entertaining.

Anybody care to save me a couple of days of googling?

Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?


"The D" said...

I've been searching for the same thing. I've found the pages that tell me how to do it but it's a LOT of FREAKIN' work. Like code editing work and shit. Then you have to sigh up for some B.S. music service. It's a HUGE deal. I'll fill you in at the Blog Mixer.

emawkc said...

I think I might have a sort of solution for you (maybe). Check my blog tomorrow.

Xavier Onassis said...

emaw - you sure this isn't just a blatant attempt to generate hits on your blog? LOL!

Keith Sader said...

One word for you on theme-song blogs - don't see for multiple horrible examples.

This has been a PSC to save Greg Beck the trouble of bitch-slapping you.

emawkc said...

On the contrary XO, I'm sure that it is a blatant attempt to poach your traffic. I hope it works.