Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Thank you for coming OUT today."

"I hope you appreciate my openness to all of you."


Anytime you have to call a press conference and make a point of telling people that "I did nothing wrong at the Minneapolis airport", chances are, you did something wrong at the Minneapolis airport.

If you have to tell your constituents "I am not gay, I never have been gay."; yeah, you're gay.

Am I the only one who giggles everytime he refers to "my staff"?

Or "IdaHOans".

"I tend to spread my legs as I lower my pants."

Spanky spanky!!

I think I now have enough evidence to conclude that ALL right-wing, neo-con, Republican blowhards (no pun intended) are closeted homosexuals.

Not that there's anything wrong with that (unless you are also a blatant hypocrite).


Joe said...

We're on the same page with this X, its not that the guy is gay, per se, its that he's a hypocrite about it.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I want to be the first to say that I love ponies. With that out of the way - isn't this a witch hunt?

Who among us hasn't flirted with a stranger through a crack in a bathroom stall in Minneapolis?

That's my well-rounded opinion. My personal opinion is still cringing and vomiting furiously in the corner.

homosexuality? No problem here. I'm down with that.

Random, stranger sex? OK - not anything I would consider but more power to you.

Any sort of sex in airport shitter? Straight or not you're defective and need to be marginalized.

I'm so right-wing these days...

Keith Sader said...

Ho-hum another Republican hypocrite.

In other news, sun still rises in the east according to scientists.

Fiery said...

Was it just mean or did the senator also seem a might impatient at the slow response time. I was reading between the lines with how the cop described it and all I could hear was "Put out NOW!"

Gotta go with Stinkbait on this one, anyone looking for random stranger airport sex has serious issues. PERVERT!

Fiery said...

News update

Favorite quote from Craig, "I am not gay, I never have been gay," he said on Tuesday, with his wife at his side. They have three children.

Poodles Rule said...

Mr. Craig appears to be a "bad boy, a naughty boy".


Anonymous said...

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