Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bill Clinton 'shocked' Hillary donor was a fugitive

"Contoocook, N.H - Former President Bill Clinton said he was "shocked" by revelations that a top fundraiser for his wife is a fugitive from justice and claimed he didn't even know what "HillRaiser" Norman Hsu did for a living.

You could have knocked me over with a straw, especially when I heard the L.A. people had been allegedly looking for him for 15 years when he was in plain view," he told Newsday while touring a county fair in rural New Hampshire Sunday.

I never knew how he made a living or anything, but I was shocked

Apparently, he forgot about Johnny Chung.

"Chung made at least 49 visits to the White House, despite the fact that a National Security Council official concluded that he was a "hustler" seeking to exploit his friendship with the Clintons to impress Chinese business associates."

With apologies to Bill Maher;

NEW RULE FOR THE CLINTONS: If you get a large donation from someone with a Chinse-ish sounding name, do a little fucking due diligence! Because you seem to attract Chinese criminals like it's your goddamn job.

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