Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tina Porter Press Conference

I decided to cover this just because:

1. I work downtown
2. The press conference was downtown.
3. It was a nice day and I wouldn't sweat much.
4. I had new batteries for the camera.
5. I was bored.
6. Daniel Porter is a whored-out prison-bitch. Or will be soon. He has 38+ years of squealing like an un-lubed pig to look forward to. That makes me happy (and giggle a little bit).

So, I went and took pictures.

There were a lot of media types engaged in some sort of circle jerk.

I went up to the corner and bought a $3 hot dog while I waited for the Main Event. As soon as that gut bomber bottomed out in my intestinal system I damned near had my own Main Event. Luckily, I was wearing my brown Dockers.

Stay the fuck away from sidewalk hot dogs.

This ain't New York.

Back to the News Conference.

Bev Chapman was there.

I caught this exclusive footage of Dave Heller touching someone's tripod.

I also caught this tight-assed, baby-faced, attention-whore of a prosecutor trying like hell to get his lip to quiver.

There seems to be something else going on in the picture, but I don't want to go there.

I couldn't hear anything Tina was saying because they didn't have her wired to any sort of PA system...just the TV mic's. And then there was the jackhammer across the street. And my constant, ringing tinitus. And the voices in my head.

And then it was over.

Being a reporter is boring.

Almost as boring as being a Systems Analyst.

But apparently, not quite as boring.


Nightmare said...

Bev Chapman's ass is's eating her pants!

crse said...

That was an awesome awesome picture. Almost as awesome as the potential girl girl reach around there. You ahve a gift sir.