Saturday, November 17, 2007


I will preface this post by stating clearly that unlike some in this town, I AM NOT a TKC hater.

Tony is. He's like our local Howard Stern; you love him or you hate him, there isn't a lot of in between.

Personally, I like Tony. Or I probably would if I ever actually met the guy. He gave me a lot of encouragement when I started blogging. He does more to promote local bloggers by reading us, linking to us and promoting us than anyone else. All bloggers are attention whores. Tony is our Annie Chambers.

Tony recently spent several days ranting about an EEOC complaint recieved by the Mayor's office who responded that it was about a salary issue.

Tony started making claims that the core issue involved the Mayor's wife and some racial slurs.

He said so here on November 9th.

Here again on November 9th.

And here on November 10th.

And again here on November 10th.

Much more detail and even a tiny little shred of possible credibility here on November 12th.

With a final post here on November 13th.

In the last 4 days...NOTHING! NADA! ZIP!



meesha.v said...

Maybe he went back undercover.
I think people who file complaints about racial/other inappropriate comments should just get a life. What's the purpose of complaint? It will not cure a racist. So is it money? Satisfaction of seeing offender fired? Any word in a right context can be interpreted as racial/sexual/other slur.
I like Tony though. I just skip over his ramblings. That's where I found most local blogs, links and happenings. But since his is not promoting me,he must be Russian-Accent hater.

travelingal said...

Sometimes I think he borders on slander. He might have received a gentle reminder to stfu. Bloggers aren't totally immune from legal challenges. Guess we'll find out one of these days what the real story is.

Tony said...

Hey X-man. Thanks for the question.

I don't know if you listened but I mentioned your blog and the great point you made about the Paseo Bridge this week on KMBZ. I forgot the name of the Bunker Hill Bridge on air but I didn't forget the name of your blog so people can check it for themselves.

First thing, TKC has never, not once received anything even close to a cease and desist letter. I've had a few stern e-mail warnings to take down images from copyright holders but that's about it - I've always complied with those requests by the way. Mayor Funky and his people have cut off all contact with me since I made them a free campaign video.

As for "mammy-gate" here's what I know:

A former mustachioed reporter has coined that term. He asked for an interview from the lady in question, so did the Star and so did one other TV station. The woman who filed the complaint refused.

She's in a tough spot having filed the complaint.

So far she's keeping quiet and pressure from other people I think is just scaring her even more.

In the end, it's her livelihood at stake and that's more important than my blog or whoever stands to win or lose political points because of her complaint.

Oh . . . Here's more background on the potential news story: I thought I was soooooo smart and I was going to ask the woman who filed simply for a copy of the document (Smoking Gun Style) rather than one of those cheesy tell-all interviews. Turns out the local media was already ahead of me and she refused their requests simply for the document as well.

So, the complaint is on file and probably every news agency in town has a "Freedom of Information Act" request to the EEOC which might come through in about 6 months if ever . . . Until then, or if the woman speaks up because of possible retaliation . . . It looks like Mayor Funky dodged a bullet for the moment.

As for me, I'm satisfied with my coverage as a comprehensive report of all the rumors that were circling around City Hall for the past week. And if the real media in town ever break the story, the gist of what I reported will hold up nicely namely - Mayor's office, the word Mammy and the Mayor's wife.

There may be a second life for this story sometime before X-mas and it's tied into another politico and a bad word . . . If you want to know X-man just e-mail me but I'm trying to tone down my predictions and or speculation for the moment and concentrate on my first love . . . Photos from Maxim, GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calenders.

Thanks for the post X-man.


Xavier Onassis said...

tony - No, I didn't hear the radio show. My iRiver I use at work only gets FM, so I've never heard your interviews. I'm always listening to NPR. But thanks for the plug.

I was actually leaning towards travel's hypothisis about you being silenced. Your calm, rational and mostly lower-case explanation has me begrudgingly granting you more credibility than I had been.

Oh, and, give meesha a plug, will ya?