Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blog Recommendation

If you are interested in history, I highly recommend the 100 Year Old Weblog. It contains news about Kansas City from 100 years ago.

Today's story...


December 28, 1907



Only to Fall Down Elevator Shaft to
Probable Death.

By a strange perversity of fate J. W. Turner, who lives at 1216 Locust street, escaped the Custer slaughter of 1876 and passed safely through the Spanish-American war, only to fall down an elevator shaft at the Avery Manufacturing Company's building, 1000 Santa Fe street, yesterday morning to almost certain death

There is more to the story on the blog.

There are also tons of links to other old Kansas City related sites. Fun stuff!

See what local news was like before Tony's Kansas City!


Hound Doggy said...

Neat web site....thanks for the recommendation.

Midtown Miscreant said...

Great site! Some good links on it as well. Gotta love the way they wrote back then. Thanks for the heads up.