Monday, December 10, 2007

The Ice Storm Cometh

For those of you who don't reside in the midwest of the U.S., you might not be familiar with ice storms.


I don't mind being iced in for a few days. I saw this coming and stocked up on non-perishable food items, toilet paper, and other critical items.
What I'm afraid of is losing electricity. If I lose that, I lose heat and hot water along with light. And coffee! And access to internet porn. I can take just about any other deprivation, but don't take away my porn.

So, I have a plan (of sorts).

I cranked up the heat as far as I can stand it. I usually turn it off before I go to work in the morning. But I've been heat soaking the house and everything in it for the last 3 days. This place is only 6 years old and it's pretty well insulated. If the electricity goes out, I shouldn't lose heat too fast. Plus, because it's a town house, I share one wall with another unit. That right there's good insulation.

I have a propane grill on the patio that I can cook on. If I can chip away the ice and get it open.

All the lights are on.

I have a small humidifier going in the bedroom to cut down on the static electricity and help hold in the heat.

All flash lights have fresh batteries.

I have lots of candles.

I have extra batteries for my boom box.

My iRiver MP3 with FM Radio is fully charged.

My cell phone is fully charged.

My gas tank is full.

I have extra clothes and blankets staged and ready to go.

My laundry is all caught up.

That's about all I can do.

If I have electricity and you don't, you are welcome to shelter here.

I feel confident making that offer to the blogosphere because if you lose electricity, I won't know about it until your electricity comes back on. And then you won't need to shelter here, will you? No. You won't.

However, if I lose my electricity, and if I have your phone number, you'll be hearing from me.

Stay warm.

Stay safe!


A Librarian said...

You are doing better with "the plan" than I am. All I did was stop at the store and buy Doritos:)

Red7Eric said...

Good luck weathering the storm!

(I thought you midwestern types just sorta made your own porn during these big storms, if you know what I mean ...)

Anonymous said...

librarian and red7eric's right. All we need's warm bodies to snuggle with. And Doritos.

Xavier Onassis said...

eric - " midwestern types just sorta made your own porn during these big storms..."

We do. But I live alone and if the heat is off my hand gets too cold. And if I've been eating Doritos it turns my junk yellow.

Xavier Onassis said...

Sorry ladies.

SmedRock said...

Mmm fresh internet corn....