Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Just Under The Wire

It's 11:35 on Christmas night. I should have been in bed a half an hour ago.

I just got back from spending the evening with the girlfriend's family where MUCH good food was consumed and the white elephant gift exchange was a lot of fun.

I contributed a 19" color TV boxed and wrapped in newspaper and duct tape. I had two of them sitting in my closet with absolutely no use for them. It was a surprise hit.

I came away with a gift box of Adidas cologne, body wash, etc. I'm a little leary about wearing a cologne named after what I associate with smelly sneakers, but what the hell.

It's now 11:41, so I have to wrap this up if this is going to qualify as a Christmas post.

I poached the poster below from Joe's Big Blog.

Oh, and just to cleanse your XO palate after my Festivus post, I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) with your loved ones and are feeling all warm and fuzzy.

11:49. Just made it! Now it's beddy bye time.

P.S. - I've been hearing A LOT of sirens on 291 here in Independence for the past 45 minutes. I hope it's just the usual Christmas meth busts and nothing that involves terrorists, biblical disasters, or you and yours.

11:55! Jeez, I love living life on the edge!

G'night bitches.


Joe said...

Thanks for the credit!

Spyder said...

It must have been a feeding frenzy when the TV showed up in the gift exchange.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Hey...I got cologne and "body wash," too. Maybe someone's trying to imply something.

Xavier Onassis said...

spyder - conversation went like this:

them - "What is it? Oh my god, it's a tee vee! Does it work?"

me - "Yep. It works just fine."

them - "Is it black and white?"

me - "Nope. It's color."

them - "Does it have a remote?"

me - "Yep. It's in the box. Batteries are in it."

them - "Is it cable ready?"

me - "Yep! Absolutely."

them - "Wow."

They kept expecting the gag part and there wasn't one. It was great.

ben - I voluntarily traded a perfectly good tee vee for my smellum goods. You had smellum goods foisted upon you. Maybe you should rub down with some snow or sumpin' after your next trail run. :) Welcome to my blog!