Thursday, December 27, 2007

Optical Delusions

Circles or a Spiral?

They are discreet circles! Follow the lines with your mouse cursor.

Things aren't always as they seem!

Look at this Larry Craig illusion.

The edges really are straight. They only look like they aren't. You will need to hold something long, hard and straight up to your monitor to prove it to yourself. Go ahead. Do it now. See?

This is psychedelic! Stare at the center!

Click on the picture to embiggen. This is a static picture...not an animated gif. Nothing is actually moving.

I'm sure you've all seen these incredible 3D street chalk illusions by Julian Beever. This guy is amazing! I can't even begin to imagine how he visualizes these drawings.

Truly amazing!

This is one of those "how many hidden figures can you find in this picture" illusions. Before you ask, I don't know what the answer is. Consider this an exercise in self affirmation. However many you find, YOU'RE RIGHT! It's kinda like our modern American School System...there are no wrong answers, there are no failing's all about making YOU feel good about YOU!

But the most incredible optical illusion is this one.

It is also in the hidden image category and it kept me puzzled for HOURS before I finally solved the puzzle!

Even after solving it, I still get fooled by the illusion everytime I see it and can look at it for a long time before the hidden picture revals itself.

It's funny how our eyes and mind can trick us like that. The human mind is a complex organ. We may never fully comprehend it's mysterious ways.

See if you don't experience the same confounding mirage.


What'd I tell ya?


Spyder said...


Spyder said...

All that just so you can post her? You taking lessons from Tony? LOL

Joe said...

Poached with credit. You kill me.

"The D" said...

"You will need to hold something long, hard and straight up to your monitor"

I'm not going to move my screen to my crotch, its too heavy, and I'm not going to climb on my desk. So i'll take your word for it.