Sunday, December 30, 2007

Poll Results

I recently asked my readers to chime in on my periodic postings of the Red State Updates.

For those of you who have never bothered to click on those video clips, you can read all about Jackie Broyles (Travis Harmon) and Dunlap (Jonathan Shockley) in the Nashville Scene (Nashville's version of The Pitch).

Basically they just spoof and riff on dumb, redneck Republicans. And they are funny as hell. In much the same way that Colbert mocks O'Reilly.

But I noticed that I generally get a whole lot of dead air after posting one of their clips.

So I asked my you like them, do you hate them, or are you indifferent?

Out of the whopping 12 readers who actually gave two shits either way, the poll results are as follows:

33% Like the Red State Updates and say "keep 'em coming".

58% Say Jackie and Dunlap suck ass, quit wasting my time.

8% Don't give a shit either way.

I can't ignore this sort of feedback.

So, I'm sad to report that 58% of the people who bothered to respond to my poll (that would be 7 people out of the 100-150 or so who visit my site daily) will continue to be annoyed as I completely ignore their feedback and continue to post Red State Updates whenever the fuck I feel like it.

In fact, here's one now.

Choke on it, bitches.


Jay said...

XO, keep posting them. They rock!

SmedRock said...

Hail, Cesar!

Protium said...

I must have been away that day... I would have voted YES... keep them coming

Happy New Year as well XO