Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Get TKCs autograph at the next Blog Meat!

OK. Tony will not be at the next (or any other) Blog Meat. He thinks we are all loser d-bags and we are destroying blogging in Kansas City. I'm sure he's right.

But I love the pic that I poached from

Cafe al Dente, in the River Market at Fourth & Delaware, Kansas City, Mo
Thursday January 17th 2008


"The D" said...

Please relay my deepest apologies to my fellow bloggers as I will not be able to attend Thursdays festivities.

I will explain in my next post which I'm not sure if I will get done tonight.

Xavier Onassis said...

Hey D. You have no idea what major corporate get together I am skipping out on in favor of a meager blog meat.


Spyder said...

See you there! Funny photo.

Midtown Miscreant said...

I had hoped to make this one too, but cant, hopefully next time.