Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"I Got Blisters On Me Dick!"

This cry could be heard emminating from a westside basement and echoing throughout the downtown canyon today as Tony was stroking himself fast and furiously over the resignation of Frances Semler and, more importantly to Tony, the 97 (at last count) comments he recieved (most of them anonymous and quite possibly left by Tony himself) on his triumphant and self-congratulatory post announcing the resignation.

My friend Dan over at Gone Mild had less to say about it himself but also got quite a few comments. You can read about it at the Star and all of the major local news outlets.

Personally, I could give a shit.

Immigration, illegal or otherwise, just isn't that big an issue for me. The "native americans" were immigrants. They crossed over the frozen land bridge from Siberia 10,000 years ago chasing mastadons. The European "explorers" were immigrants. They sure as fuck didn't come peacefully or with the blessing of the "native americans". The Europeans who settled here didn't want the Irish. The Irish didn't want the Chinese. Everyone who came here was taking something away from someone who was already here.

Wah. Wah. Wah.

I keep hearing how "the illegals" are taking jobs from Americans. I see apparent latinos (I don't know where they are from or what their legal status is...do you?) working their ASSES OFF! I see apparently able bodied Americans holding humiliating cardboard signs at intersections and asking people for a down payment on a cheeseburger.

You really want to stop the "invasion" from Mexico? Grab those worthless white fucks standing at every corner of I-435 and Independence Avenue, 47th and Main, and everywhere else throughout the metro holding signs saying "homeless...will work for food", trying to look as pathetic as possible, and put them to work for money! Let them replace roofs in August, let them run a leaf blower, let them change jizz soaked sheets at Motel 6.

Go to Restart, Inc. or the Kansas City Public Library on a cold day and round up all the vagrants and put them to work doing all of the jobs that the immigrants are doing.

Fill the demand with Americans, and the supply from other places will go away.

Personally, I think we should just open up the northern and southern borders and just have one big North American Union!

The United States, Canada, Mexico, all one big, happy economic powerhouse! The European Union has the Euro. The North American Union could have the Neuro (okay, it's not really a valid acronym, but it makes us sound really smart).

Then we could finally forget about this irrational fear of Messicans and concentrate on the REAL problem.

Those goddamned Guatamalens.


Heather said...

It will happen. NAFTA gave us a good start (or bad depending on how you look at it).

I believe the term I've heard is AmeriDollar, but I like Neuro better.

"The D" said...


Xavier Onassis said...

heather - I agree. It's gonna happen. It probably even should happen. Thanks for the props on the Neuro. COPYWRITE!

D - What? You don't want McKinley's portrait on the $500 bill replaced with a phone-cam pic of a moose or a beaver?

RACIST BASTARD!!!!!!![with 3 balls]

emawkc said...

Why should the "all the vagrants" do the menial work when the gubmint will pay them more (using your money of course) not to.

Oh and it's not the Neuro (wtf?), it's the Amero. I'm surprised you didn't already know about it.

Xavier Onassis said...

"Oh and it's not the Neuro (wtf?), it's the Amero. I'm surprised you didn't already know about it."

Hey! It's not like I research this shit or give it any thought before I post stuff.

I didn't exactly have the greatest roll model [http://tonyskansascity.com/].

crse said...

When I start my new nation, Im totally installing you in a top level position in my kitchen cabinet.

Xavier Onassis said...

crse - "When I start my new nation, Im totally installing you in a top level position in my kitchen cabinet."

BIG mistake! HUGE!!

I generally have no idea what I am talking about.

Nothing about me or my ideas would stand up to close scutiny.

The fewer hits I get and the fewer readers I get, the better.

I suck. I know I suck. I will vehemently defend my overall suckage against all complimentary attempts to prove otherwise.

SmedRock said...

He does suck. Air tight lastime Emaw checked. :)

Good post and right on the mark.

travel said...

I can hardly believe what I'm reading. Actually making me sick to my stomach.

Xavier Onassis said...

I'm sorry travel - I know this is a hot button for you. Whicj means you probably won't like my next post either.