Saturday, February 02, 2008

Faith's Father

This is local blogger Faith from Frighteningly Uncommon Sense and her dad on her wedding day.

Her dad just underwent surgey for a lung transplant. It all happened very suddenly.

"My dad got the call from Stanford. He's on his way to get a lung transplant, everyone.

Hold your breath, cross your fingers and your toes, pray if that's you're thing...

This HAS to work. It just must.

I don't know what to do with myself. I'm not quite freaking out, but I'm not NOT freaking out either. Work is all askew, too, which isn't helping. *sigh!*

Just keep us in your thoughts, ok? Talk to you guys soon!"

Faith has flown back to California to be with the her dad and updates on his condition are being posted (when possible) by Faith's twin sister at her blog, How Do You Say....

"Dad made it through the surgery- with complications...when they opened Dad up they found severely damaged lungs. The lungs weren't the complication, however, it was his pulmonary artery. They said it was in such bad condition he should have been dead. It started bleeding and when they attempted to stop the bleeding the artery just wasn't strong enough to support the stitches, so it just kept shredding and shredding. They ended up having to take a piece of artery from behind his heart and pulling that in to help the situation. They don't know if it will hold, but the lung is functioning much better than anticipated and we will know how everything goes within the next 10 hours. The next 3 days are critical as far as his new lung goes, but today into tomorrow is when they will know that the artery is done causing problems. The nurse said his color and his numbers are excellent. But in this stage it is just too easy for everything to suddenly change paths."

If you are the religious sort, I'm sure your prayers would be most welcome. As would any and all comments on either site expressing your support. Any encouragement, karma, vibes, good thoughts, whatever you have to send there way would, I am sure, be most appreciated.

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travel said...

Well, I don't personally know Faith, but I can certainly feel her pain and anxiety (I visted her blog after this post) and I hope for a happy outcome for her father. We all can identify with that "out of control" feeling that we get when our love ones are in peril.

God bless.