Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blog Meat Good!

We had a great turnout! I didn't make an official count, but I'll bet we had 35-40 local bloggers show up.

Lot's of regulars, some newcomers, some rotating attendees who attend as schedules allow.

We don't have any sort of membership roll. We don't have any real structure. Which is exactly the way we like it.

We just get together about once a month (sometimes more, sometimes less) for drinks & apps. Attendance is open to bloggers, commentors, lurkers and the famous "anonymous".

Everyone is always welcome. Come on out and join us at the next one.


logtar said...

Lots of people I had not met before which was cool, but we need nametags.

Xavier Onassis said...

We probably do need nametags...but once you start nametags you are just a short hop and skip away from a Constitution and a Mission Statement.

I'm scared of us getting too organized.

I prefer to keep it loosy goosy. Even if that means staying confused as to who people are.

We can always exchange email addresses and real names on the fly.

Structure scares me.

Nuke said...

Too much structure leads to picking leaders or officers, which leads to hard feelings and division. Well that was my experience with the last online group I was part of.

I don't hate the name tag idea tho. I had to keep going thru names in my head to keep em straight. Maybe I just need practice.

Kanga said...

First it's name tags and before you know it, it's Robert's Rules. I move we don't. Second?

KC Sponge said...

OOOOoooooh, can I be secretary? Please?!!

Faith said...

Second the motion, Kanga.

Beer: goood.
Organization: baaad.

"The D" said...

DIBBS!!! On Sponge as my secretary!!

Just start the sexy harrasment law suit now. I'll be suing her of course. natch