Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Alleged Jimi Hendrix sex tape to be released"

"LOS ANGELES (AP) — Vivid Entertainment is releasing a sex tape allegedly starring Jimi Hendrix. The Los Angeles-based adult entertainment company said they obtained the sex tape from a memorabilia collector.

The 11 minutes of footage, reportedly shot in a hotel room about 40 years ago, features Hendrix — or someone who looks like him — engaged in various sexual acts with two women."

11 minutes?


Does that include the drive over and some foreplay?

I sure hope so.

Otherwise the sexual seduction bar has just been raised to a ridonkulous level that no normal man could ever possibly meet!


"The D" said...

GOD DAMMIT!! I didn't even read that entire post, I scrolled down to see how long it was (NO HOMO) and I saw the link to "normal man" and knew it was a link to me.

DAM YOU XO!!! (shanking fist) I'll get you!!!

Xavier Onassis said...