Friday, April 11, 2008

Allow Me To Introduce...

Le Grand Lapin, a local blogger who calls Rabbit Fumes home.

I found him via comments that he left on some of my posts. So I clicked through and here is a sampling of what I saw:

On the subject of Easter

"The story: Jesus, jewish vagrant, horse-thief, and apostolic gang-leader , gets arrested by the Romans (Romani ite domum, now write it 500 times) for showing off and for disappearing for twenty years and leaving gaping holes in the bible's disjointed bullshit narrative. He is then executed, dies, and three days later, rolls away the stone that covers his crypt, sees his shadow and we get another ten weeks of Spring and a movie deal with Mel Gibson. Unless Easter falls in April, which has thirty days. Then, Easter gets moved up to Memorial Day weekend and takes place after the Indianapolis 500, where Jim Nabors sings "Back Home Again In Indiana" and the winner of the race, an Italian Scotsman, gets to drink milk and lip-lock Ashley Judd."

That about sums up the Easter I celebrate.

And he posted this YouTube of a "...modern spritual by Gail and Dale"

Ya gotta love it.

And he had a link to this:

Where you can find dicks like Gerry

He had me at "Romani ite domum".

Go check him out. I'm adding him to the blog roll and google reader as soon as I have some time.

1 comment:

Le Grand Lapin said...

You are a gentleman and a mover of blogs. The large rabbit is humbled, if somewhat new-post-challenged this week.