Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nagging Annoyment

For some time now, the new Yahoo! Mail has been giving me the following error message whenever I log in:

"Yahoo! Mail experienced a login error: Login error: name: Error
message: Automation server can't create object number:
-2146827859 description: Automation server can't create object"

After continuing to attempt to load Yahoo! Mail, it finally says it is taking longer than usual to load and recommends that I try Yahoo! Mail Classic, which I do and I get my mail just fine.

I have several Yahoo! Mail accounts and I get this message on all of them. But I only get the error message on my Dell XPS at home. I don't get it on my Dell laptop at work.

I googled the prime parts of the error message and got recommendations to upgrade my version of Java and delete my browsing history. I did both of those things and I still get the error message.

I know that some of my readers got more computer smarts than me.

Any ideas?


Chimpo said...

Here's one...get an effing Gmail account already.

You used Google to search for a solution to a Yahoo issue? Nice irony.

Jeff said...

Try a different browser. If you are in Windoze and using FireFox, try IExplorer (Gah! I can't believe I just said that...)

Likewise with Mac, try Safari

Opera, is a nice browser for some. Works on Mac, Linux, and MSWin.

But, what Chimpo said about Gmail...


meesha.v said...

yes gmail.
I also used yahoo for the longest time (my email ends with but after they started sticking commercials on my PLUS account I got gmail. it retrieves my yahoo account so I didn't have to tell anyone or forward anything. it allows me to send email as if it comes from yahoo, if I want to do that.i was also able to move all my saved email to gmail,although it took some time

emawkc said...

Next time it happens, try pressing the "any" key.

SmedRock said...

Chimpo hit it on the head. Since Yahoo got in bed with AOL they have went down hill.

It could be that your XPS is just too awesome, but then I thought, nah, it's a Dell. If you can get it from work, then it is something on your end at home. Could be Java, your firewall, your viral blocker, pop-up blocker, etc.

Gmail is free, works for me for the last 2 years, and it is NOT AOL affiliated.