Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This Is For My Friend, "The D"

Just because he's so HAWESOME!



Spyder said...

Give me a jar of pickles & a fork! Love them. I'll protect you The D!

Heather said...

First off...where does Maury find these people (I still can't believe he's married to Connie Chung).

Secondly...I hate onions, but it hasn't crippled me. Sheesh.

Thirdly...I'm willing to guess that The D has a nervous breakdown (similar to Maury's weirdo) whenever he sees a pickle. Because of my science-minded nature, let's test this theory at the next blogger meetup.

"The D" said...

When I saw this title in my Google Reader I just knew it was going to be about pickles.

I'm not afraid of pickles. Y'all are confusing fear with hatred.

I'm not afraid of pickles, I hate pickles.

That dumb bitch in the video is CRAZY!

And I don't have a nervous breakdown every time I see a pickle HEATHER! I just start sweating profusely, piss myself and then pass out. What's the big deal? Who doesn't do that once in a while?

Now I have to go wash my hands and vomit because I had to type that disgusting word so many times.

Poodles said...

Pickles are from the DEVIL!

crse said...

Wow. I really hope that was an april fool's thing because from a clinical perspective Ive got a real bad feeling about this level of pickle aversion. Because like heather, i freaking loathe onions, but there's no emotional attachment. I don't know XO, all's im saying is sometimes a pickle ain't just a pickle. Know what i mean?

Faith said...

I couldn't even watch the whole damned thing. I had to stop as she started to collapse outside the fucking factory.

First of all, WTF??

Second of all, I even LOVE pickles (even have some waiting for me in the trunk of my car right now...they will be lovingly placed on my bison burger at dinnertime, dammit) and I wouldn't want to go to a damned pickle factory. For fuck's sake...

I have an irrational fear of moths. But they FLY, ok? That's makes way more sense than a fear of pickles. Jeezy...