Sunday, April 13, 2008


Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find these little fuckers?

I'll save you some gas money.

Walmart doesn't sell them.

Best Buy doesn't sell them.

Target, doesn't sell them.

Circuit city, doesn't sell them.

What, do they seriously think that I am just going to pony up for a set of brand new headphones just because they don't sell replacement foam pads and mine were getting a little raggedy?

Think again, sparky! I'm enough of an idiot to burn a quarter of a tank of gas searching for a pair of cheap foam pads, but no way I'm buying new headphones from you 'cause you think you can trick me.

I finally found the foam pads at Radio Shack.

But while I was searching I discovered some new gadgety goodies. I think I'll put "anything from Skullcandy" on my Christmas and birthday wish lists.

Especially the MacGuyver MP3 Watch and thumb drive combo.


Well Hell Michelle said...

Wow, I'm seriously in lust with the multi-tasking capabilities of that watch.

Lee said...

The Shack rules!

crseum said...

THANK YOU! We currently have toilet paper on a set of bare speakers right now. You have reached new status in our family...

Xavier Onassis said...

Toilet paper!


I could have saved a quarter tank of gas!