Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Was Punk'd!

O.K., this is how it went down.

I went on a walk shortly after 10 this morning and I saw this

I thought "Something is going down. Clearly, this guy knows something I don't know. I mean, he is standing on top of his SUV, has his expensive camera rig aimed and focused on the spot where the action will be taking place and it is something he doesn't want to miss."

So rather than continuing my walk, I decided to chill and participate in whatever this "happening" was. Maybe get some pictures of some good blog-fodder.

I waited. And waited. And waited. For probably 15-20 minutes.

Guess what happened?

Freaky SUV camera dude wound up climbing off his SUV, packing up his camera gear, and drove off.


What? Does this guy just go to some random intersection at some random time of day, climb up on the roof of his SUV, set up his Nikon and tripod and say "Let's see if anything happens."

I feel so cheap. So used.

Fortunately for me, those are two of my favorite feelings.


meesha.v said...

looks like there were some other people waiting for unknown sightings.always better when you are not alone.

Xavier Onassis said...

meesha - yeah, that's what I thought too. It lent an air of credibility to the whole set up.

Turns out they were just on a smoke break from a neighboring business and had to be 25 feet away from the entrance.

The camera dude was just kind of in their space.

They left before he did.