Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thanks Nightmare!!

Nightmare sent me this on Monday and I've been meaning to post it.

So hear ya go!


Poodles said...

I LOVE THAT! I might have to pilfer it!

Xavier Onassis said...

poodles - I already threw it up on the Doubting Faith site. But by all means, copy and paste in as many places possible.

It's a pretty succinct summation of all the major tenets.

emawkc said...

Hahahaaahh. That is HILARIOUS! Christians are soooo stupid! Feeding the hugry? Healing the sick? GIMME A FREAKING BREAK! Those idiots. Don't they know that's what the government takes our money for (well, that and killing brown people).

You really hit the nail on the cross, er, head here, XO. Christians! Pftt! They make me LOL.

Do unto others as they would do unto you?!? Yeah, right. Suckers. If they were smart like you and me, they would to others BEFORE they do it to you.

Great find guys.

jeffrey said...

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