Friday, June 27, 2008

Pentagon: Taliban 'resilient' in Afghanistan

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Nearly seven years after their defeat by U.S. forces, the Taliban have regrouped and have formed a "resilient insurgency," according to a new Pentagon report on security in Afghanistan."

This directly from the testimony of The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

Ah! Excellent. Then the trillions of dollars spent and the thousands of lives lost in Iraq, which had absolutely fucking nothing to do with the real war on the real terrorists or the attacks of 9/11 were well spent then, weren't they?

That's good news.


travel said...

Well, at least the women there are grateful. And, don't forget, we're not in Afghanistan alone. The UN is involved, unfortunately, not enough.

A good read: A Thousand Splendid Suns. Same author as the Kite Runner. Tear jerkers.

mainstream said...

The Cheney-Bush administration has created, and is solely responsible for this tragedy.