Sunday, June 01, 2008

Thinkin' 'bout buyin' me a fishin' boat

I don't fish all that much.

In fact, I haven't been fishing in years. But I was watching this show on the Tee Vee tonight that made me think spending some time out on the water this summer might be kinda fun.

So I started looking around on Craigslist under "Boats For Sale" and I found one I kinda like. It's a little more boat than I need, but, like my momma always used to tell me in the "husky" department of Sears, "you'll grow into it".

My jeep has a trailer hitch, so gettin' it back and forth to the lake shouldn't be a problem. Some of you probably have more experience with these things than me, so take a look and tell me what you think.

The Maltese Falcon

So whaddaya think? Would it scare away the bluegill and the perch if I took this out on Smithville Lake?


SmedRock said...

I watched that article today too. I just wish I had the interest his money would have made that he built that boat with. Very cool though.

Absolutely Feisty said...

I don't think that boat with FIT on Smithville lake.. lol

Faith said...

Um, can I be your stowaway?

Nighty said...

I don't think your jeep will have any problem towing that. Go ahead and buy it, I'll help with the walk thru and make sure that you didn't ripped off.

Suzanne Karmin said...

I wouldn't pay more than fifty bucks for it, man ;)