Wednesday, July 09, 2008

July Blog Meat

Tuesday July 22nd, 5pm, at

Fred Garcia Tarahumara Mexican
10001 W 87th St,
Overland Park, Ks

Because that's just how suburban, white, elitists who are out to destroy blogging roll!

Come for the food, come for the drink, come for the conversation. Just come!

Please let Spyder know if you are planning on being there so that she can warn them.


Average Jane said...

Darn it! That's one of my favorite places, but I can't go. A Librarian and I will be at Mayhem Fest.

Nuke said...

Ugh, I was with you till "just come". Sounds too much like one of my exes...

I'm sorry you and books can't be ther Jane. She was great to talk with and I was hoping to talk with you this time as well.