Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Theme Song For Nightmare's Dystopia

My good friend nightmare has often expressed his opinion that Mother Nature should just wipe us all out and start over. Total reboot. Earth 2.0

[Actually, I'm not certain of the earth's current release number, what with the asteroids and ice ages and shit, but you know what I mean. In geekspeak, nightmare thinks the hard drives need to be reformatted, the bios upgraded, and a brand new operating system installed.]

I don't entirely disagree. I've expressed my own opinion that this would be a nice little planet if it weren't for all the Hoomans.

However, I suspect that nightmare's ideal scenario would be one where Mother Nature wipes out all of mankind EXCEPT his family, their guns and rations, and a breeding herd of helpless supermodels unable to survive on their own who would need "domesticatin'".

The only real purpose to this post is to give me an excuse to post a music video that I've posted before but wanted to post again because I really fucking like it.

Having accomplished that purpose, I will offer this clip as the National Anthem to nightmare's vision of the future.


Nightmare said...



I have ZERO want to be around when the earth cracks! Ask anyone I know I always say I want to be at ground zero! Yes I have guns, and yes I can hold off on Mom Nature for a minute, but I do not horde, want to horde nor will I be leading the revolution of brigands to loot the hoarders.

BUT Since you threw in the supermodels what need domesticatin'. Well that is a horse of a different color now isn't it!

But yes. The Nature is gonna happen and NO ONE can stop it!

Anonymous said...

Mother Nature bats last.